Balik Pulau name is in conjunction with the placement of this area, which is behind the island. Historically, Balik Pulau is the earliest developed areas in the Western Region. Kongsi  town is a major area of ​​business center in Balik Pulau and Western Regions.

 Balik Pulau historical origins showed that the original inhabitants of  Balik Pulau consists of malay migrants from the state of Kedah. This is because in 1821, Siam attacked Kedah and governing for 22 years. The occupation has led to much damage and cause misery to people in the country, resulting in population migrating out to find a new life.

 Some of these migrants exploring the land and established the village in Balik Pulau and carry out agricultural activities. Over the time, a suitable environment for farming causes Balik Pulau known as agricultural areas, particularly local fruits.This development has encouraged the migration of rural population came to transact business or conduct agricultural activities.

 This group is mostly a dealer or labourer- Chinese laborers who work in rubber plantations, fruit cloves and nutmeg. Mr.  Koh Seang Tat, an owner of a farm estate and one of the most influential people in Balik Pulau has built a monument fountain at the roundabout intersection  in 1882, and now  still a major landmark for the town of Balik Pulau.


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